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PROS: This team is able to get their clients debt reduction percentages that are consistently above average.
CONS: Offer slightly misleading information regarding debt settlement timelines – may be indication of lack of transparency in practices.


This company has been a longstanding industry leader in the debt settlement world. They charge relatively high fees, but their reduction rates are also above average which means that there is still considerable value in their services. They also have great customer reviews, it’s not hard to find glowing testimonials from past clients online.


As with any financial decision, the costs associated with debt settlement should be at the forefront of your mind should you opt for this form of debt relief. Debt settlement services often charge their clients a lump sum fee once an agreement is met. This fee is normally applicable to the total outstanding debt, not the newly agreed settlement total. The fee should be compared with the company’s average reduction rate. High fees are not necessarily a bad thing if they correspond with a high reduction total. But unlike most debt settlement services, Super Debt Relief Services charges a fee based on the settled amount (greatly reducing your liability). This fee is 35 percent.

In addition, they have an average reduction rate of about 42 percent. Calculating how much money you will save will depend on how much your settlement is worth – as fees are based on settlement totals. It is important to note that 42 percent is well above industry averages – most debt settlement companies have reduction ranges more in the 30 percent range.

Eligibility and Processes

One downside of Super Debt Relief is their high eligibility requirements. You must have at least $10,000 of unsecured debt to be eligible. This unsecured debt can be any form of non-collateral debt, but most customers typically have high levels of credit card debt. The reason for high minimum thresholds is the amount of work debt settlement companies have to put into reducing your debt. Because the process is so long, they need to ensure their fee justifies the amount of work it takes to get your debt reduced. If you have considerably lower levels of debt, there are other industry competitors who will be able to better service your needs.

The average debt settlement process takes about two to four years. This may seem like a long time, but it takes considerable time to negotiate and save up the needed money to be able to offer a reasonable lump-sum to your creditors. One of the major downsides of Super Debt Relief is their advertised debt settlement time frames. Their minimum time frame is much lower than realistically possible. This is a misleading statement that may offer unreasonable hope to customers attempting to escape debt quickly. Prospective clients should keep this in mind, and attempt not to buy any unrealistic promises. One reason this is a concern is that it can often be an indication of transparency issues – you want to make sure that debt settlement companies are forthcoming with information.

Customer Satisfaction and Experience

This company has a lot of great resources on their website which can help you get a deeper understanding of the process. They also put considerable effort into providing educational resources so you don’t have to run into a similar unmanageable problem in the future. If you want to learn a bit more about debt and how it works, their website is a great starting point. The only downside is that they don’t offer an online portal from which you can manage your account, which some individuals may find inconvenient.

In terms of reputation, Super Debt Relief Services has plenty of great reviews from past clients. They are well respected in the industry and have made considerable investment to improve the customer service aspect of their business. For those who want a company with a reputation for great customer service, Super Debt Relief is a solid option.

Company Information and Certification

Super Debt Relief Services is accredited by the IAPDA – a regulatory body. The IAPDA ensures their member companies adhere to ethical standards. In addition, they train settlement advisors to make sure that they are best equipped to properly negotiate with lenders.


Super Debt Relief Services has a reputation for achieving great results. They’re an awesome company for those who are looking for high reduction rates. Their main downside is their slightly misleading online information, which promises unrealistic timeframes to prospective clients.