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PROS: Low fees – hard to beat this company when it comes to cost.
CONS: Debt settlement amounts are not as high as some competitors.


This company is a reliable settlement group to work with and they also have low fees. The only downside is that their settlement results aren’t as good as some of the industry leaders.


One of the major draw cards of Pacific Debt Inc. is their low fee structure. The amount that you pay depends on your particular situation. Pacific Debt Inc. takes a range of different factors into account when they decide what fee you will be responsible for paying. Factors include your financial situation, your lenders, and the types of debt that you are attempting to settle. The fees charged fall between 15-22 percent, making them one of the best value debt settlement companies available.

The only downside to their costs is their results. While Pacific Debt Inc. does have a great track record at reducing your debt owed, they don’t have as good of results as some of the industry leaders. This means that despite their low fees, you may not end up getting the best value for money if your results aren’t as good as they would be with other higher cost services. It is important to note that there are no upfront fees, or monthly fees — you only pay for results. This is a great way to have peace-of-mind regarding the entire process.

Eligibility and Process

To begin work with Pacific Debt Inc. you have to have at least $10,000 in unsecured debt. This is quite a high total, as many other debt settlement companies have much lower thresholds. This debt can come in the form of credit card debt, medical bills, collections, and a range of other unsecured debt.

To begin the process of debt settlement there are a few ways you can contact Pacific Debt Inc. You can call their customer service department directly or you can fill in an online form to begin the process. Their customer service team will overview your financial situation and the debt that you want settled and let you know if you qualify for their services.

Once you have qualified, a bank account in your name will be set up to begin saving money for the debt settlement process. This account is used to pay off your settled debt if an agreement is made between you and your lender. If a settlement is not agreed, this money will be returned to you once you decide you no longer want to pursue settlement – in this regard it is a risk-free process.

Most settlements take between 2-4 years. While this may seem like a long time, it is the industry standard. Negotiations can take a long time as lenders want to ensure they are getting the most viable amount possible – they need to make sure you truly can’t afford to pay back the entire debt. In addition, it can take considerable time for you to save up all the money you need to have enough money to satisfy your lender. The key to debt settlement is patience – it may seem like a considerable amount of time but it is worth it if it helps you escape the clasps of high-interest debt.

Customer Satisfaction and Experience

They’ve got a great FAQ section on their website that can help you fully understand the whole process. They’re fully accredited with the Better Business Bureau. This team has some of the best reviews out of the industry leaders in debt settlement. Check out their reviews on various consumer watchdog sites if you’d like to see what past clients have thought of their services.

From our experience, their customer service representatives seem to be both responsive and informed – they appear to have well-trained team!

Company Information and Certification

An initial complaint with this company was that they were not were not accredited with the International Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators (IPADA). But they have recently become a member company of the organization. They are also accredited by the American Fair Credit Counsel (AFCC). These organizations ensure that their member companies adhere to ethical and industry standards.


Pacific Debt Inc. is one of the most respected companies in the industry. They have some of the lowest fees, they’re fully accredited, and have great customer satisfaction records. The only downside is that they don’t achieve as good of settlement results as many other industry leaders.