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PROS: Unlike many debt settlement companies, you pay a percentage of your settled amount instead of total debt.
CONS: Monthly fees are required prior to percentage based fees.


Oak View Law Group has a good reputation with their past clients. They have a track record for achieving relatively high reduction figures. But their $50 monthly fee may be a bit steep for those who can’t afford upfront costs.


Despite being on our debt settlement list, Oak View Law Group is not technically a debt settlement company. They are a law firms that uses legal means to get the same results as debt settlement companies. Some customers prefer using legal companies as they have a better understanding of the laws involved in debt settlement – they also have higher ethical standards than many settlement companies.

When deciding on a debt settlement company you should factor in all of the various fees you may be responsible for. In the case of Oak View Law Group, you pay 25 percent of the reduction amount. This greatly incentivizes them to achieve the best results possible. The downside of their fee structure is a $50 monthly consultancy fee that you are responsible for throughout the duration of your settlement process. Because the process can take years, this can be extremely costly, especially for someone who is already struggling to pay off debt requirements.

It is important to note that if a settlement is successful, the amount you have paid in consultancy fees will be detracted from the total amount you owe them. This means that this monthly fee is effectively free if a settlement is reached. If a settlement is unable to be reached, you will not receive any money back. If you’re looking for a risk-free alternative, consider another company.

Eligibility and Processes

Another upside of Oak View Law Group is their low minimum debt amounts. You only need $1,000 of unsecured debt to be eligible for their services. This being said, if you do have a low amount of debt that needs settlement, the $50 fee that this company charges will greatly outweigh the benefit. Those who choose Oak View Law Group should probably have much higher rates of unsecured debt.

If you decide you would like to use Oak View Law Group, contact them through their website to set up a free consultation. They will overview your financial situation and requirements, and make a final decision on your eligibility. Their debt relief timeframes are between six months and four years. They will set up an account for you to begin depositing money into, this account will be used to pay off your lenders should an agreement be reached. Please note that results and timelines are not guaranteed, every debt settlement process is unique.

Customer Satisfaction and Experience

Oak View Law Group provides an awesome customer experience for those who undertake their services. They have an online chat portal which you can use to contact a customer service representative – it’s a great feature that takes the hassle out of contacting your debt settlement company. In addition, they’ve got some awesome resources that can help you better understand debt and its implications, as well as FAQs that can help you educate yourself on the entire process.

Many past customers enjoyed the security of having a legal team on their side. You can find plenty of great testimonials online from past clients.

Company Information and Certification

As Oak View Law Group is not a debt settlement company, they’re not accredited by debt settlement organizations. This being said, as a legal group they have to adhere to various legal board standards and allow oversite of their practices. Not being certified by debt settlement organizations should not be considered a downside in this case. They also have a debt arbitrator who is certified by the IAPDA – which means you can be certain they know the best ways to negotiate with lenders.


Oak View Law Group is an unorthodox debt settlement company that has a great reputation in the industry. If you want a company that has the security of a legal team behind them, this is definitely your best option. Their final fee structure is low, the only downside is their $50 monthly consultation fee which may be unaffordable for some individuals.