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PROS: This company has a low-fee structure that results in clients receiving over 35% debt reduction with fees.
CONS: Not accredited by major regulatory bodies, including the AFCC and USOBA.


New Era Debt Solutions provides clients with some of the lowest fees available on the market. They have over 15 years of success in the industry and have been ensuring that clients are fully aware of their practices since day one. If you head to their site, there is a wealth of information on the techniques they use, as well as all the fees and responsibilities you need to be aware of.

In terms of transparency and fee structure, New Era Debt Solutions is pretty hard to beat. There are no debt consultation or consolidation services included in your settlement plan. New Era Debt Solutions only help individuals reduce their current debt levels.


While no debt reduction plan is guaranteed to work, New Era Debt Solutions is well known for achieving results for relatively small costs. Their fees vary depending on a range of factors, but they typically charge between 14-20 percent of total debt owed, which is significantly lower than many industry competitors – some charge up to 30 percent. This means that after all fees and charges are included, you can often have your total debt reduced by over 35 percent.

Another great feature of New Era Debt Solutions is that you are not required to pay any money upfront or any monthly service fees. This means that you only pay for results.

New Era Debt Solutions is very upfront about the length of time that it takes to settle the average debt. Negotiations can take years, and so can saving up enough money to pay the lump-sum the lender wants. Once you start working with New Era Debt Solutions, they will provide with you an account that you deposit monthly installments into. This account is FDIC insured and will be used to pay off your debt settlement should an agreement be met.

From our experience, it is evident that New Era Debt Solutions is one of the most transparent companies currently operating in this sphere. Instead of trying to sell you a dream, their website fully explains the risks and truths about debt reduction companies. People get fooled by debt reduction companies that promise them unachievable results. Using a transparent operator that explains the realities and processes behind the reduction process is often the best way to ensure a higher chance of results.

Eligibility and Process

New Era Debt Solutions is one of the only debt reduction companies that doesn’t have a minimum debt amount. Most debt settlement companies will require you to have up to $10,000 in unsecured debt. They make sure to get a full understanding of your financial situation and requirements before suggesting a particular route. They accept almost any form of unsecured debt, including credit cards, lines of credit, medical bills, and private student loans.

Unfortunately, there are only 18 states that this company operated within. You’ll want to head to their website to make sure that you are included in their area of operation.

Customer Satisfaction

The customer advisors employed by New Era Debt Solutions appear to be well informed about the ins-and-outs of the program. In addition, they have tons of resources on their site that can help you take back control of your personal finances. You can contact customer service representatives via e-mail or phone. Unfortunately, they do not have an online chat portal like many industry competitors.

Company Information and Certification

They are currently accredited with the IAPDA. Unfortunately, they are not accredited with the other two major industry organizations – AFCC and USOBA. This isn’t to say the company hasn’t shown strident efforts to comply with industry and government regulations.


At the end of the day, New Era Debt Solutions is probably the best value for money option on the market. They regularly settle for lower repayment amounts, and their settlement fees are some of the lowest in the business. If you’re looking for a company with a strong track record, low costs, and transparency, New Era Debt Solutions is one of the most practical options to choose. Despite not being accredited by two of the three major industry organizations, they’ve shown a pattern of transparent and honest behavior in the industry.