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PROS: Great reputation for large settlement amounts, low fees in comparison to competitors.
CONS: The fee structure is based off total debt owed to lenders, not total debt settled.


Freedom Debt Relief is one of the most well respected debt relief firms in the nation. They have a long track record of success which has made them a go-to hotspot for individuals seeking debt settlement. If you’re looking for a company with a great reputation and low fees, this is one of your best options.


Freedom Debt Relief has been operating in the United States for over 15 years. They have successfully settled billions of dollars of debt for their clients throughout the country. Despite their considerable experience and expertise, they charge some of the lowest debt settlement rates in the nation. In addition, none of these fees are due until they deliver a settlement agreement – if your lender does not agree to settle any of your debt, you pay nothing. This is a great way to ensure you’re not out-of-pocket for poor results.

The fee you pay to Freedom Debt Relief is dependent on your exact situation – you should contact a customer service representative to see what you would be expected to pay. The fee amount is derived from your financial background, and the types of debt that need to be settled with lenders. Typically, fees are between 18-25 percent – making this company one of the most affordable settlement companies on the market. Unfortunately, this fee is derived from the total debt that you owe, not the debt that is settled. For example, if your fee is 25% and you owe $10,000 to your lender, if this debt is reduced to $5,000 you will still have to pay a $2,500 fee.

Freedom Debt Relief has a great track record for success – they often get their clients debt settlements of up to 50%. Note that they cannot promise a particular settlement amount until they speak with your lender, any settlement company that promises particular settlement amounts prior to undertaking your debt is most likely lying – avoid such companies at all costs.

Eligibility and Process

To be eligible for Freedom Debt Relief’s services you must have at least $7,500 in unsecured debt. This can come in the form of credit cards, private student loans, medical bills, and other forms of unsecured debt. This amount may be quite high for some individuals looking for settlement, but many companies require even larger amounts of debt to begin the settlement process.

Once you meet basic eligibility requirements you will begin the process of debt settlement. An FDIC-insured account will be set up in your name to begin saving money for your debt settlement. You will begin depositing monthly amounts of cash into the account to save up for a lump-sum payment. If a settlement is agreed, this money will then be used to pay off your debt. Most settlements take around 2-4 years to occur. This is because negotiations are lengthy and it takes time to save up enough money to satisfy lenders.

To get this process started, head to their website and fill out an enquiry form – this will allow the company to see if you qualify for their services and put you in contact with the correct financial advisor to take care of your situation.

Customer Satisfaction and Experience

Customers seem happy with the services that Freedom Debt Relief have been providing to their clients. They are regarded highly on various consumer watch-dog sites. They don’t provide any services besides debt relief, but this has allowed them to specialize in their niche and provide low-cost services. They do have a few great resources on their website for those who want to better understand the entire process before deciding on whether or not to attempt settlement.

Company Information and Accreditation

Like most big debt settlement companies, Freedom Debt Relief is fully accredited by two of the major industry organizations. This includes the International Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators (IAPDA) and the American Fair Credit Counsel (AFCA). These are not government agencies but do strive to ensure their member companies adhere to specific ethical standards. They also provide education to their member companies.


Freedom Debt Relief is one of the most low-cost settlement companies. In addition, they have a great reputation with past clients – they also have a long-term track record that bodes well for any potential customers. Check out their website if you want to learn some more about the exact methods they use to help settle your debt!