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How can you live the American Dream, when you can’t pay your bills? The banks might not take plastic money when you are supposed to pay off your loans. Instead, they want cold hard cash.

Life was not supposed to be like this. You worked hard, but where are the jobs? It might be time to start considering debt settlement in Tampa, FL. Here is a guide on debt laws, relief and resources in “The Big Guava.”

Florida Socioeconomics

Florida has no personal income tax, which has made it a very popular destination for young and old alike. Plus, the weather is kinda nice. The Sunshine State had a population of more than 20 million in 2016 with a median household income of $48,825. On March 14, 2017, the mean Zillow Home Value Index (ZHVI) for Florida was $203,200.

Wealth & Poverty

Miami is at the high end of Florida median (ZHVI) at $295,400 with its suburb of Shenandoah being at $398,200 for March 14, 2017. Pensacola was at the low end with a ZHVI of $121,000 and Tampa is right in the middle at $163,000.

Is Debt Relief Necessary?

When you were born, you had nothing – not even the “clothes on your back.” You eventually reach adulthood and received your first offer for a credit card. You didn’t have a credit score, until you had your first loan.

Initially, when times were good, you probably did not spend a lot of time thinking about debt. You were busy raising a family. You worked hard and hoped you had enough money to pay your bills.

You Can’t Take it With You.

Most people started out by paying the credit card minimum. After a couple of years, they saw their credit card bill get higher and higher. So, some stopped paying their bills altogether. Then, the debt collectors started calling.

If you stop payments, your credit score will fall. It will be more difficult to get new loans. Life wasn’t supposed to be like this, was it?

Is Debt Relief Painful?

Are all of your other Tampa neighbors, driving around in SUVs? Do they have nice homes with swimming pools? Do you think it would be embarrassing to be “poor?”

Your children want to be popular. They want the latest clothing, shoes and electronics. Have you been forced to say “No” more often?

Mommy, why can’t I have it?

Can you really tell your daughter that you “don’t have the money?” As a parent, you feel like it is your duty to give her everything she wants. Are you suddenly incapable of affording the bare necessities of life?

High debt is painful. It can ruin your hopes and dreams for the future. It can force you to go without.

Debt relief in Tampa, FL is the pill, which can make you feel better. It is the antidote. You can choose which form of debt relief, you want.

Florida Debt Relief Laws

You have many consumer rights under both federal and state law. In the State of Florida, you should contact the Attorney General with any complaints. Here is what the Florida government says about debt collections:

“A “debt collector” is someone who regularly tries to collect debts owed to others. A debt collector may contact you if you are behind in your payments to a creditor on a personal, family or household debt, or if an error has been made in your account.” The debt collector can only contact you between 8 am and 9 pm in Florida. “A debt collector is required to send you a written notice within five days after you are first contacted, telling you the amount of money you owe.”

Tampa Debt Relief Resources

In 1824, the United States Army established Fort Brooke, which became the City of Tampa. Railroads, cigars and phosphate were the first important resources of the city. Later, baseball and water recreation parks made the city a popular tourist destination.

Generally, the State of Florida is focused on debt collection laws. While, there are many free debt relief services, you will probably need to pay for legal help to stop collections. Stopping debt collector harassment is a specialty of some Tampa bankruptcy attorneys.

You can consider credit counseling, debt consolidation or debt settlement. Here are a few Tampa debt relief resources:

  • 1800 Debt Relief Legal Group
  • CareOne Debt Relief Services
  • Trinity Credit & Debt Counseling

The 1800 Debt Relief Legal Group consists of Tampa bankruptcy attorneys, who can provide you with legal assistance. They can help you create a better financial future. They might charge you for document preparation; you can ask them if they are offering any free assistance.

Trinity gives you a Christian-based credit counseling foundation. This might help you establish better spending and saving habits.

You don’t have to abandon the American Dream. Tampa is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Debt settlement in Tampa, FL can give you, your life back.