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Has your financial life taken a turn for the worse? Have you realized that your debt problems are no longer temporary? Do you need help?

If your finances are bad and you don’t fix them, chances are that they will only get worse. That is why people turn to external help, like debt settlement services. This debt settlement in North Coast, CA guide will explain laws, rights and resources available to underwater debtors.

California Socioeconomics

California is a “dream come true for many individuals.” It offers a warm climate, plenty of open land and great people. It should not be a surprise that the state is #1 in terms of population with a 2016 estimate of 39 million residents.

Musicians have shared their love of the state with songs like “California Dreamin” and “San Francisco.” The San Francisco Bay Area is #1 with the highest median household income (at $63,023) and #1 for median property prices (median Zillow Value Home Index of $1,148,700).

Wealth & Poverty

California wealth is on another level with Parnassus – Ashbury having a median Zillow Value Home Index (ZHVI) of $1,921,400 and Noe Valley having a ZHVI of $1,587,300. Lake County has a number of the poorer cities, including Clearlake with a ZHVI of $143,300. Redding has a ZHVI of $243,200 for January 31, 2017.

I Don’t Need Debt Relief

One of the first steps for Alcoholics Anonymous is “getting over denial.” It can be difficult to know if you are in financial straits. You might seem to be doing alright.

Credit cards can mask your real financial state of affairs. Have you ever calculated how much money you owe on credit cards, automobile loans and your mortgage? Have you ever figured out how long it would take for you to pay this off?

Once you fall behind in loan payments, you are assessed late charges. The truth is that the bank “has already written you off.” Based on actuarial statistics, they believe that most people who miss one payment won’t repay their debts, ever. They can make it worse.

Are You a Case Study for “Murphy’s Law?”

You might start receiving “courtesy calls” from debt collectors. You might hear the phone ring and happily run to pick it up and it is “Bob from the bank.” Debt collecting calls can be depressing. Now, you may fear picking up your own phone.

Debt Relief Solves Problems

There are many options for debt settlement in North Coast, CA, including credit counseling services, debt consolidation and debt negotiation. Pick which is right for you.

The problem with many do-it-yourself (DIY) debt resolution plans is the lack of information, which you might have. Furthermore, once you miss a payment, the bank will doubt your veracity. Many North Coast debt settlement programs will involve a third party between you and the bank.

When It Rains, It Pours

With both debt consolidation and debt settlement plans in North Coast, CA, you might make your payments to a third party. They will negotiate better terms with you financial lender. Once you make a payment, you might have certain charges waived. The banks might trust a third party financial firm, more than you.

California Debt Relief Laws

In California, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act is the most important law overseeing the lending industry. If you have any questions related to financial laws, debt lawyers or debt collectors, then you should contact the California Attorney General. Their website has a separate “Complaints” section.

If you want to learn about Banks, Credit Cards, Credit Reports or Debt Collectors, type in the keyword – “Consumers.” You will reach the Consumers page of the California Attorney General. There you can learn about the different rules governing debt collectors. The good news is that debt collectors can only call between 8 a.m. and 9 p.m. in California.

North Coast Debt Relief Resources

The North Coast is a beautiful natural environment with the Shasta-Trinity National Forest, Six Rivers National Forest and Redwood National Parks. You can get outside and smell clean, fresh air. Waking up to birds singing is surely better than hearing cars honking.

It can be difficult to fix your own debt problems. If you need some assistance, you can look into programs anonymously. Here are North Coast debt relief resources, which may be of assistance:

  • Bruce C Dwiggins Bankruptcy Attorney
  • California Credit Counseling
  • Debt Reduction Services

Discuss your debt problems with these credit professionals. They will give you clear, honest answers. Sometimes, it is good to talk to an objective expert. They have helped plenty of people, just like you. Ask them if there are any government programs available to help you reduce your high debt.

You never know what you will find. Sometimes, a light bulb will go off in your head and you will suddenly have the solution. Once you complete debt settlement in North Coast, CA, you can get back to enjoying those beautiful redwoods.