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There are few things that can hold you back from reaching your financial dreams more easily than debt. Debt can prevent you from living a comfortable lifestyle, enjoying regular vacations, going back to school, saving for retirement, living with reduced stress and much more. If you are currently feeling the financial pinch from high debt balances, you may be wondering what can be done to improve your situation. You may even be unable to make your minimum monthly debt payments and be worried about how you will make ends meet. While living with debt can be stressful, rest assured that a solution is available. Debt settlement is one form of debt relief in Manhattan, and it may be the right solution for your current situation.

Is Debt Relief Legal in New York?

The term debt relief brings to mind an instant alleviation of your stress level, and you may easily wonder if debt relief is legal in New York. Manhattan area residents actually have access to several legal options for debt relief. Debt consolidation is often considered as the first level of debt relief, and it is usually ideal for individuals who currently have a decent credit score and who can qualify for a consolidation loan through a local bank. Debt settlement is often considered to be the next tier of debt relief. It essentially can eliminate a portion of your debt, and the result can be faster overall debt reduction and lower monthly payments. This is a legal debt relief solution that many consider as an alternative to filing for bankruptcy.

What Personal Finances Look Like in Manhattan

At first glance, Manhattan is a rather well-off borough in New York City, and it is home to many affluent people. However, not all local residents are financially secure, and many people struggle with high debt balances like you do. The U.S. Census Bureau indicates that approximately one in five individuals in this community are living in poverty. Because the average per capita income is $33,000 per year in this area, you can see that many others struggle with minimal income. Manhattan can be a very expensive place to live, and this can compound the financial stress that residents feel. The typical monthly mortgage expense is $2,526, and the typical renter pays $1,255 per month. If you have such high living expenses coupled with low income and if you add debt payments to your budget, you can easily feel as though you are drowning in debt.

Exploring the Benefits of Debt Settlement

Debt can create an unnecessary burden on an already tight budget. Through debt settlement, your lenders and creditors may agree to simply erase a portion of the debt that you carry. In some cases, this may be as much as 20 to 30 percent or more of your outstanding debt. This can help you to make a huge step toward debt reduction. It can also create lower monthly debt payments that are more affordable for your budget. The combination of these two can help you to improve your finances with considerable and immediate results.

Who Should Use Debt Settlement?

As fabulous as debt settlement sounds, it is not available to everyone. Even those who can qualify for it should do so with care. Keep in mind that lenders and creditors are under no obligation to agree to write off a portion of your debt. They often must be motivated to do so. If you are making your minimum monthly payments as agreed, they may have no inclination to write off debt. On the other hand, if you have fallen behind on payments, they may be worried that you have no ability to repay the full amount owed. Some will agree to write off debt in an effort to recoup at least some of the debt you owe as opposed to risk not recouping any. Therefore, only individuals who have fallen behind on payments usually should consider this form of debt relief. You should also be aware that this can damage your credit rating for several years. You should be agreeable to this before you move forward.

Debt Relief Resources in New York

Because debt is such a serious issue for Manhattan residents, there are numerous resources established for local residents to use. Some of these are governmental resources, such as educational resources that you can use to learn more about debt relief and financial management. Others are third party or for-profit resources that you can use for debt relief services. You can begin exploring the available resources today to determine which type of debt relief is right for you.

Debt is a serious matter, and it requires prompt and diligent attention. If your debt balances are high or if you are struggling to make minimum payments, it may be necessary to seek debt relief. Debt settlement is just one of several forms of debt relief options available in Manhattan, but it may be right for you. Take a closer look at the options to form a strategy for dealing with your debt.