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Is California finally out of its drought? Prices might have gone up at the grocery store because the drought caused so much crop damage. Is your financial drought over, yet?

In order to survive the drought, you might have had to incur more debt, placing it on your credit cards. Now, you might be suffering under a heavy debt load. This debt settlement in Central Contra Costa, CA guide can help you find much-needed help.

California Socioeconomics

California is the Golden State – one of the most productive agricultural regions in the world. You can also find some of the most expensive properties in the state: San Francisco Bay Area is #1 for highest median household income (at $63,023) and #1 for median property prices (mean Zillow Value Home Index of $1,148,700).

Go West, Young Man!

There are 39 million residents of California, making it #1 for population in the United States. The state has been a leader for the green movement, establishing the automobile emissions standards for the country.

Wealth & Poverty

Some of the wealthiest neighborhoods in California are Parnassus – Ashbury with a Zillow Value Home Index (ZHVI) of $1,921,400 and Noe Valley, which is listed at $1,587,300. The poorest cities in California are in Lakes County, Clearlake has a ZHVI of $143,300 for January 31, 2017. The Central Contra Costa County ZHVI is %562,300.

Which People Need Debt Relief?

Everyone wants to live the good life. Credit card issuing banks can make it seem very easy to do so. Once you start, you find out that it is a whole lot more difficult.

Sometimes, you can find a good job and sometimes, you can’t. You might only be hired for a short time. If you have moved all the way to Central Contra Costa – you had hoped for better employment opportunities.

You are supposed to be living the good life. It costs a lot of money to “Keep up with the Joneses.” You must wear the right fashion and go to the right parties. That all takes money, doesn’t it? You can charge these expenses on your credit cards for a short amount of time. But, eventually you need to pay your bill.

How will you do that? You might by making payments on an automobile. You need to fill up the gasoline tank, pay for oil changes and get it repaired. What can you do when the money has run out?

Types of Debt Relief

The State of California allows people to select from a variety of debt relief programs. It all depends on your debt problem. For the mild financial troubles, credit counseling services can be of assistance. These can help you make the best decisions.

If you struggle to manage multiple loans, then debt consolidation might be better. Reduce all of your loans down to one simple umbrella loan. Doesn’t one payment each month sound good?

Or, you can negotiate directly with your creditors. Of course, for this debt settlement in Central Contra Costa, CA, you will need to have some expertise. Another possibility is hiring a Central Contra Costa bankruptcy lawyer to represent you. It is all up to you.

California Debt Relief Laws

The State of California is a leader on many progressive fronts. If you have had any financial complaints, you can bring them to the California Attorney General. Their state website has a lot of information on it.

When you reach the website, you should type in the keyword – “consumers.” This will bring you to the Consumers page with the following choices:

  • Banks
  • Credit Cards Chargebacks
  • Credit Cards Surcharges
  • Credit Cards Traps
  • Credit Reports Free
  • Debt Collectors

In California, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act is the governing financial law. If debt collectors call you, you can assert that faulty debt is “Not Owed, Not Yours, Wrong Amount or Already Paid.” You should dispute erroneous debt in writing within 30 days. Debt collectors cannot use profane language and “may only call between 8 a.m. and 9 p.m.” in California.

Central Contra Costa Debt Relief Resources

You can’t beat waterfront property – San Francisco Bay and San Pablo Bay are some of the best bodies of water in the world. You might feel very privileged to live in the Concord, Pleasant Hill or Walnut Creek neighborhoods of Central Contra Costa County.

If you are struggling to make ends meet, then you might check into one of these debt relief organizations in Central Contra Costa County:

  • 211 Contra Costa Crisis Center
  • Bay Area Legal Aid Contra Costa Regional Office
  • David M. Sternberg & Associates

No one can predict the future and everyone wants to be wealthy. If you have made some financial mistakes along the way, then debt settlement in Central Contra Costa, CA might provide a viable escape route. Get out of trouble and back onto the road to success.