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Do you have a PhD in debt? Would you like to know more about debt management? Everyone could increase their financial knowledge to enjoy a better life.

While your income might not be getting higher, your bills might be. Unfortunately, you might start to wonder if you can pay all your bills. This debt settlement in Aurora, CO guide can help you find credit counseling agencies, debt management firms and bankruptcy attorneys, who can help.

Colorado Socioeconomics

Located smack dab in the Rocky Mountains, the State of Colorado has become a popular destination for skiing. The Denver Broncos are also quite popular in the Centennial State.

The American Founders attempted to create a nation based on Federalism and the Colorado “home rule” standard is a good example of this. While the state tax is only 2.9%, local governments have been given authority to raise the total tax assessment to 11.2%.

Home to 5 million residents, Colorado has a median household income of $66,596. Its Zillow Home Value Index (ZHVI) for March 15, 2017 was $322,300.

Wealth & Poverty

One of the wealthiest neighborhoods in Colorado is South Park Hill with a ZHVI of $612,400 on March 15, 2017. Denver was at $353,300 and Aurora was at $264,300. One of the poorest cities is Pueblo at $130,600.

Is Debt Relief the Answer?

Debt laws can be complicated. Can you even name the primary debt laws in the United States? They are constantly being changed. If you can’t do your taxes, can you manage your debt?

One good example is bankruptcy law. How long does it take for a bankruptcy to fall of your credit score? These time frames are being changed constantly.

Do you know how many credit reporting agencies, there are? Do you know what your credit score consists of? If you file for a loan, can that reduce your credit score?

You usually won’t be too concerned with these debt questions, until you have an unbearable debt load. Then, they become a serious concern. How can you escape your mountain of debt? Is debt relief the answer?

Can I Get Free Debt Relief?

There is nothing wrong with seeking debt relief in Aurora, CO. It is not like bankruptcy, where an official legal record is logged. You can check out debt relief anonymously.

There are free credit counseling agencies in the State of Colorado, which can help educate you on the basics. They can also identify various government programs, which could help. Some groups might offer free legal services.

Based on your income, you might qualify for free debt relief in the State of Colorado. You have the choice over what you wanna do. You can also work with some non-profits to establish debt consolidation.

Colorado Debt Relief Laws

The Colorado Attorney General is in charge of licensing, regulating and enforcing the various state debt laws. Specifically, the Consumer Credit Unit is tasked with this very important duty. If a financial organization is found guilty of violating laws, then the State of Colorado may sanction them.

Penalties could be on “companies or individuals involved in consumer lending, debt collection and debt management.” The State of Colorado divides lending institutions into bank and non-bank. Here are the important financial laws for Colorado:

  • Uniform Consumer Credit Code
  • Collection Agency Regulation
  • Debt Management

The Uniform Consumer Credit Code establishes that all lenders must follow the same rules. This might apply more to short-term lenders, like payday loan companies.

You should not be harassed at work or at inopportune times by debt collectors. Debt collectors cannot ruin your life. They must follow very strict protocols.

And, if you want to consider credit counseling services, debt relief or debt settlement in Colorado, these are listed under the rubric of debt management. Some firms are licensed and some are not.

Aurora Debt Relief Resources

During the Silver Rush of the 1880s, Aurora, Colorado was established as Fletcher, Colorado (after Denver businessman Donald Fletcher.) The Silver Crash of 1893 ruined Mr. Fletcher and lead to the name change to Aurora. Del Mar Park and Bicentennial Park are very popular family spaces in the city.

Home to hundreds of subdivisions, Aurora is largely a suburban neighborhood. If you are considering free and paid debt relief organization in Aurora, CO, these might be of interest:

  • Colorado Bankruptcy Law Group LLC
  • Consolidated Credit Counseling
  • Debt Consolidation Aurora

Sometimes, lawyers pool their resources and offer all of their services under one heading, like the “Colorado Bankruptcy Law Group LLC.” This creates an easier way for them to market their skills. You might have a consultation with the organization, then they can assign the right lawyer for your case.

It doesn’t hurt to learn more about debt and credit. You could increase your credit score, which would provide you with a higher chance of qualifying for new loans. Debt settlement in Aurora, CO includes many great ways for you to improve your finances.